Hello lovely Mumma,

As a Mum it is so easy to put ourselves at the bottom of the pile isn’t it. We usually have a to-do list that is as long as our arm, with no chance on earth at ever getting it all completed, because we’d need so many more hours in the day to achieve that. Yet we have absolutely no idea how we would even make that happen, because we are far too tired to have to add any extra hours into our day right!

What that usually results in, is us feeling overwhelmed, tapped out, and in a thick fog of motherhood. Meaning we completely lose any idea as to who we are in all of this.

I Can Relate

How can I confidently say all of that? Because I was one of those Mums (truth be told, I still am at times, when I let things get too much and get on top of me.) Despite having all of the tools available to me, I struggled. I knew that I wanted the very best for my children, but I also felt a burning desire to know who I was outside of being “Mum.”

That is where my passion really came alive, as I wanted to find a way to use my 14 year coaching experience, alongside my own personal experience, to help other Mums who feel like they want to rediscover themselves outside of Motherhood.

Up until this point I have achieve that through my Pick Me Up Podcast, blogs, social media (Instagram and Facebook), and my Free Guide

And now, I am able to take that one step further with my New Ebook, 5 Steps To Feeling Like You Again

What Is It?

This is the most practical step-by-step guide, expertly designed to help Mums to feel like themselves again.

Who Is It For?

  • Any Mum who has a desire to feel like herself again
  • Who is willing to follow the proven steps.
  • And be fully supported, with me as their biggest cheerleader.

What Will You Discover?

  • That you don’t need heaps of time to feel like you again.
  • You CAN and WILL find yourself again without the need to feel an ounce of guilt.
  • Who “me” is outside of being “Mum”.

And There’s More

  • This isn’t any ordinary Ebook, as I have put together a whole package of extras that I know will hugely help you on your way.

Designed For Mums, With Their Needs In Mind

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