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Hey everyone, so you may have seen our previous about us page (if you haven’t then be sure to head over and check it out as a great way to give you an overview), and you may be wondering why we have now created this one. Well don’t worry, it’s all for good reason and we are very excited to share the developments of Personal Development Time with you, so stay with me, read on and make sure you say hey!

The evolution of personal development time

So personal development time was initially created during Covid-19 lockdown when Adam was out of work due to the pandemic, and my return to work from maternity was put on hold also due to this. We had recently found out that we were expecting our second child as well, and were very much aware that we wanted to set ourselves up for our future as much as possible, whilst taking the strain out of trying to work childcare with work life (a struggle I am sure many of you can relate to).

We both knew we wanted to be able to work from a place of passion and make a difference, so this is where Personal Development Time was born. Upon getting stuck in and progressing things it became very clear that I absolutely loved doing this, but also a niche evolved within this without us even trying: I am a new mum to Little Bear (I say new, somehow he is already 1), and I am also pregnant with another one on the way. As I am sure you can imagine and quite possibly relate to, there’s a whole load of “stuff” that goes with all of that, and I found myself very much writing for mums and wanting to really help make a difference in their life as I was also going through many of the things that they were.

So that brought us to this point today: I took over the reigns and evolved personal development time in to what it is today: The go-to for any mum who has a desire to gain her identity back after becoming a mum but doesn’t know where to start, or have the confidence or belief that she can or it is possible, as well as wanting to pick up some great tips along the way on her life as a mother.

What you can expect

My aim is to share my own experience on becoming a mum with you, along with the experience of many others too in the hope that this creates a safe, relatable and inspiring environment for you to be part of.

I plan to share the things that I have found useful, the things I have struggled with, the bits that I wish people would have told me about, and the parts that are very rarely spoken about but really should be, because they are the real bits!

If you haven’t already then be sure to subscibe for your dose of inspiration, delivered right to your inbox as well as your free quickstart guide to personal development, and head over to my social media channels to follow everyday life and pick up some other great tips along the way.

Let me say hello personally

So hey all! You may know, but I’m Emma and whilst I have always been career minded I have also always had a real passion for personal development and a holistic way of life.

When I entered my new chapter of my life in May 2019 and became a Mother, I entered a whole world that let’s be honest I knew absolutely nothing about. I loved the bubble that our new family had when we brought our son home and had those first few magical weeks with him, and very much enjoyed going from the 3 muskateers (We have a dog… he was our first born!), to the awesome foursome. One year later, it is has definitely been a journey, with lots of learning, great memories and alot of sleepless nights. And although this is a new chapter in my life, one thing remains: My passion for wanting to be the best version of myself that I can, albeit, in a slightly different way to before. But to perfectly honest, I’m still working all of this out too. I am also hugely passionate about helping others (hence the Personal Training background), and finding a way to connect both of these is simply amazing and something I feel really grateful for.

What I did very quickly realise is that there’s alot of other women also feeling the way I have felt during this last year, experiencing the same highs, lows, questions and worries that I have. I also know there’s alot of women feeling like at some point they want to find themselves again but are unsure how they do this as a mum.

My mission

My mission is now to inspire and empower women that they can still work on themselves and have an identity despite also being a mum. My aim is to do this by providing tips and information, but in a real that is real, down to earth, honest and easy to incoporate in to everyday life with children. I hope that in turn this will help to improve any mum’s self belief and confidence, and allow them to develop in any area of their life that they feel is important to them.

I’m right with you

Firstly a huge thank you for checking out my website, I am so excited to go on this journey with you. As I said before, we are in this together and my promise to you is to be your biggest cheerleader, at the times when you need it the most.

So expect to cry together, laugh together, have many a-ha moments and most importantly link arms and know that we are getting through this crazy world of motherhood together.

You are a mother, but you are also a woman who can be and do anything that you desire and put your mind to.

Mummy’s, you are truely amazing and you inspire me everyday to continue in return to aim to inspire you.


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