The Journey of a Thousand Miles


Hello everyone and welcome to our Personal Development Time website. Personal Development has been a passion of ours for over 10 years and over this time we have purchased many products, attended many seminars and researched many aspects that we felt would help us to become the best version of ourselves: Physically, Mentally and Spiritually.

Taking the approach that with effort and dedication, you can become whatever version of yourself you’d like to be, we have spent as much time as possible immersing ourselves in the Personal Development field. We also know how important having a support network is around you (we like to call them our cheerleaders), and we now feel that we would love to give back and offer others this support.

Over the years we have learnt a lot about mindset, the importance of fueling your body correctly, nutritionally and exercise wise and have dabbled in the spiritual side too. We are hoping that we can provide others with an insight in to this and give our key tips that we have found invaluable along the way.


Having both had sporting backgrounds growing up (Adam in Football, and Emma in Dance), despite not knowing it at the time there was definitely an element instilled within us at an early age of key Personal Development skills such as mental resilience, perseverance and discipline.

Once ‘Adult Life’ kicked in, we found ourselves being pulled back in one way or another to wanting to do the best we could, and found our careers naturally gravitating towards needing to do things that would mean we would need to work outside of our comfort zone on a daily basis and focus on being that little bit better every day.

Fortunately for us both, reconnecting some 10 years later meant that we could share our passion in life and ride the journey together. During this time together we have supported one another in our own Personal Development quests, from trying out different ways of keeping fit, to trying to become the next Julia Childs or Jamie Oliver, or working on our daily mindset, as well as dabbling in Modern Day Buddhism. Our journey has been one of many ups and downs but some amazing memories, achievements and fun along the way.

A rather major life change of becoming parents naturally made us sit back and reflect on where our life was heading, and this is where the start of the next chapter: Personal Development Time was born.



We both know how much of a mind field ‘Personal Development’ can be: You know you want to do more, become more, feel more energised, have a new outlook on life but where do you start? What resources are best? How do you know what to do next? And who will support you when you hit the inevitable bumps in the road along the way?

Do you feel there are so many questions that stop you from even getting started?

We want to be the people who can help you with the answer to all of those questions. We don’t claim to be experts, but we do claim to be real, down to earth people who have had those same questions, but at the same time had a desire to get more from life. So we hope that we can share our experience with you, any great tips we have picked up along the way, and allow you to access the materials that may well be the key to changing your life.



“The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” (Lao Tzu)

We have had to tell ourselves this so many times. You know that point in your life when you feel completely overwhelmed, possibly a little burnt out and unsure of what to do next? Yep… We have been there, more than once!

Maybe you can relate a little to some of this! If so, we would love nothing more than to team up with you, become your biggest cheerleaders and see if we can crack this crazy thing called ‘Life’ together.

So thanks for dropping by, have a look around and if you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and we will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Adam and Emma

Founders of Personal Development Time.

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