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Welcome to the second episode of the Pick Me Up Podcasts. I am very much looking forward to sharing today’s episode with you as I firmly believe that it is something so many of us need throughout at day. The stresses of juggling mum life, with home life, work life, chores etc can often feel too much, resulting in our minds racing at 100miles per hour and leaving us feeling mentally and physically exhausted. This super short but quick and effective tool that I am sharing with you today is designed to really give you the pick me up that we so often crave for and very much need.

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Transcript Of Calm Your Mind Episode

I’m Emma, founder of Personal Development Time and host of the pick me up podcast: the perfect go to for a quick but effective pick me up at the times when you need it most. Designed for mums with their needs in mind!

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So I wanted to create an episode today for you that was super quick and easy to follow, so that you could delve into whenever you feel like you need it. So this episode is all about calming your mind. Something I think many of us need at any points throughout the day.

I don’t know about you, but my head is constantly filled with “stuff” that needs doing, be it sorting the house, washing, shopping, development for my son, looking after the dog etc. You’re a mum, I am almost certain that you know the feeling. This in itself can be so tiring right!

When you then add on top of that any stresses, anxieties or worries you may be feeling it can all get a bit too much can’t it. So this is exactly what this episode is all about: Taking just a few minutes to calm and clear the mind so that you feel back in control and more emotionally balanced to continue with your day.

To do this I will be taking you through a short but super effective guided meditation. Now whilst it is usually recommended to go somewhere quiet, comfortable, away from distractions and for you to close your eyes… You’re a mum! Let’s keep it real. So all I will say is use this wherever it finds you. We are actually going to go against the norm here and say not to worry if you can’t do any of those things. If you can take 5 minutes whilst the little ones play, that’s fine! If you have to do it whilst cooking dinner, that’s fine! Maybe you’re out walking, that’s also fine. This does not have to be the perfect set up by any stretch, as this is the whole point of this episode, but if you can apply a little attention to it I promise it will be hugely beneficial.

I first learnt this at a meditation workshop called clear blue sky. The idea was that we wanted to create a mind very much like that of a clear blue sky: Still, calm and free from distractions, I really love this analogy. As soon as I heard it, I connected with it and I just thought it was truly fantastic. So let’s not take up any more time as I know it is precious, let’s get stuck in.

Wherever you find yourself right now, I would like you to begin by just taking a few breaths to calm your mind and body. At your own pace, focus on the breath in and out of your nose…..

Notice when you breathe in, the warm air surrounding your nostrils…..

And when you breath out the cool air as it leaves the nostrils…..

Spend a few breaths here focusing on this sensation…..

Now I would like you to visualise all of your problems coming together at your heart, so all of your stress, worries, anxieties, frustrations. They all collect here. Imagine them doing this in the form of black smoke…..

Now when you breathe out, imagine breathing out all of that black smoke. So you breathe away all of your worries, fears, anxieties and stresses…..

Continue to watch that black smoke with every exhalation, and as you blow it out watch it disappear away into the distance, taking with it all of those thoughts…..

Now I would like you to imagine a ball of bright white sparkly light in front of you. This light represents any positive thoughts and emotions that you wish to have and feel…..

This time as you breathe in imagine inhaling this positivity in the form of bright sparkly light…..

With every in-breath imagine this brightness and the sparkles filling your entire body and taking over in the form of a wave…..

Every time you breathe in you fill your body up even more, resulting in a lightness and brightness that takes over and leaves you feeling calm and positive…..

Sit with this feeling as you now return to the breath focusing on the air around the nostrils…..

At your own pace, focus on the warmth surrounding the nostrils as you breathe in, and the cool air surrounding the nostrils as you breath out. Continue this for just a few more breaths…..

Then, when you are ready, slowly bring yourself back into the room.

So there you have it, your very own go-to when things are feeling a little overwhelming and you just need a few minutes out to hit the refresh button.

My wish is that you now carry a feeling of being lighter, more uplifted and refreshed to re-enter your day.

Sending love, as always, and may you always sparkle.

It has been great to connect with you

Thanks for stopping by, I hope that you found it useful. Please feel free to share any comments or questions you have below, and if you have any requests of topics you’d like to hear then I would love to know.

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