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Welcome to the tenth and final episode of season two of the Pick Me Up Podcasts. I really do hope that you have taken just as much from the episodes as I have putting them together. Many of the topics have been struggles or challenges that I have faced in my parenting journey so far, and I know many others feel or have felt the same.  We are finishing season 2 with a celebration; A celebration of everything that Mums across the World have been through over these last 18 months. From pregnancy, to giving birth, looking after small children, or homeschooling all whilst the rest of the World was put on pause. Part of the allowing yourself to celebrate, is allowing yourself to acknowledge the reality that has been the last 18 months and everything that you have been through, from the struggles in the most difficult of days, to the lessons learnt and memories made along the way. This is exactly what the wonderful Laura Batten from Hello Baby Brighton is going to be doing for us in today’s episode.

Being a mum to two children, Laura is passionate about the whole journey that women go on from early pregnancy, all the way through to motherhood. She has been through three pregnancy losses herself, so has first hand experience of all types of pregnancy, birth and early motherhood anxiety. As a Hypnobirthing teacher, she absolutely loves to help people relax and validate what they’re going through. Her experience with her very popular Pregnancy Relaxation classes on zoom, led her to offering a one-off Pandemic Mums relaxation class. She’s now running these monthly, but for all mums of any age baby or child, with a different theme each time – all those classic motherhood challenges like stress, anxiety, guilt, sleep, overwhelm, etc! They really are a wonderful opportunity to put yourself first, be led in a guided relaxation for deep rest, to be amongst a powerful group of mums who are all going through the same thing, and learn some tips and tricks for how to navigate life a little more calmly.
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