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Welcome to the fourth episode of season two of the Pick Me Up Podcasts. In today’s episode I am joined by the wonderful Traci Ferguson, who is a relationship coach, as well as a wife and mother of two. Her story of divorce and reconciliation combined with a decade of ministry experience, has resulted in her deep desire to help women transform their relationships and marriages. Traci takes what she calls, an inside out approach to this kind coaching, where she sets out to first help women identify. and heal patterns of codependency. She specialises in helping women reconnect with themselves so that they can reconnect deeply and authentically with their partners.

Traci is an absolutely beautiful person inside and out and I couldn’t think of anybody better to join me to discuss today’s topic of the changes in our relationships.

When we transition from that role of husband and wife, partners, or friends and become “Mum and Dad”, it certainly results in a change in some of our relationships. Traci helps us to look at what the root cause of those changes are and exactly how we can go about moving forwards with them. Her approach is certainly refreshing, and may challenge some on their thinking, so stick with it as I promise you, it can and will, be revolutionary.
You can find Traci on Instagram, and her fantastic video on better communication in your relationships on Youtube

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