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Dailygreatness concept

“How we start our days determines how we spend our days. How we spend each day determines our future. What then, is more important than beginning and ending each day with clear intentions, a positive focused mindset and conscious reflection?” This is a perfect description by Dailygreatness on their website of exactly what they are achieving with this journal. The Dailygreatness journal provides you with structure so you can go about each day striving to achieve your goals. It isn’t any ordinary planner, it’s a personal development tool that is designed to help you see success.

Dailygreatness Journal Overview

I am guilty for loving a stationary purchase, and getting excited about it and how it’s going to be the thing that changes my life! OK, silly I know, but when I came across the dailygreatness journals I was beyond excited to get going and start using them. The difference this time: As soon as I opened the journal it became clear that if I used it properly, committed to the process and really embraced everything it contained I could in actual fact completely transform my life.

The material inside this journal is designed with one thing in mind: “To radically transform, profoundly shape and dynamically alter your destiny.”

The Journal mainly consists of daily pages that include 8 steps (as shown in the picture displayed on their website):

  • Meditation and Visualisation             Dailygreatness Journal
  • Gratitude
  • Inspired Actions
  • Intentions
  • Dreams
  • Inspiration
  • Energy
  • Evening Power Questions

You complete these each day either in a morning session or an evening session, but before you get to dig in to this you set yourself up with activities to then confidently know what it is you need to do each day to achieve your goals. In this process you look at your values, dreams, why and goals. You create a why statement and a personal mission statement as well as doing what I found the most effective and useful tool I have ever used: A life Revolution followed by a greatness blueprint. By completing this it allows you to break down your bigger goals in to what you’d like to achieve for that year, and then every 90 days you complete a planner which is geared around the type of goal setting that we have spoken about previously. This is then broken down further in to a weekly planner, followed up by a weekly check in to review how you’re doing. Comprehensive or what!

Sure it’s not cheap, but it is well worth it

So there’s no denying that these journals are more on the pricey side, with a 12 week journal starting at £29.95. However, the quality of content that you get from this is well and truely life changing, and personally, for that, I don’t think you can put a price on it. The beauty is, they are undated, so you can start them whenever you want, and for this journal it is designed to last a whole year. By the time I add up all of the individual notebooks I could end up buying (and then wasting due to lack of inspiration or structure), I probably haven’t spent any more at the end of the year.

It’s so great that actually you could do with just a bit more

I did find that with certain pages such as the greatness blueprint and the 90 day planner, I would have appreciated a little more room to write. This journal is so great at getting you to really reflect and dig deep that you end up writing quite a alot due to your own revelations, and at times it would have been helpful to feel I had the space to keep writing instead of keeping it short. To get around this I just simply added in an extra piece of paper on the greatness blueprint so I made sure I had everything down and didn’t miss anything.

Go with the flow

Whilst there is structure within the journal which really allows you to be effective in setting and working on achieving your goals, there is alot of freedom for you to go with the flow of your own journey. I love that I create my own inspired actions for each day, and especially that I can create my own affirmations. Affirmations are things that we say to ourselves daily to ultimately affect our habits, behaviours, and thinking patterns. Some examples of my affirmations are:

  • I am creating the life I want
  • I am creating an environment for success.
  • I am working with relaxed intensity.
  • I am ready and excited for the next 90 days

You’ve got the power

God I love this section: In the daily planner are the evening power questions and they are just fantastic. Some examples include,

  • What did I love about today?
  • In what area would I like to grow?
  • What would I like to let go of?
  • What could I have handled differently today?
  • What beliefs would I like to upgrade?

I mean how powerful are these! What I really loved was how they were different each day. I don’t know about you, but if they are the same I almost get in to a tick box exercise, whereas them being different made me excited to sit down and complete them and really made me engage in the process.

Room for revision:

As I have mentioned previously, our goals will evolve and change as we change. In some capacity this journal seems to allow for that: I found the initial pages at the start for the why statement and personal mission statement rather big so I could add revised editions throughout the year, but I would have found it useful to have the same amount of space for my why and my goals so that I could easily revise those. It would also be helpful to have a monthly planner within the 90 day section that you are working on so you can break down the goals and actions further. But what is great is that the weekly planner allows you to list the 4 major goals for that week that you are focused on. This is brilliant, because as things evolve this can easily be kept up to date.

Should you go straight to the checkout?

I definitely can’t say that it’s not worth at least giving the journal a go. But what I will say before you go is that no goal comes without hard work and its’s trials and tribulations. Life happens! And throws at us whatever it wants to, so it doesn’t care if we didn’t achieve those 90 days goals in our planners, or if we are looking through the daily greatness blueprint and feeling frustrated that we set out with the best intentions, but in actual fact still have a really long way to go.

But what you can’t deny about this journal is that it’s arms around, supportive approach to your goals is really quite nice, and its steady progressive ways encourage you to do that little bit better every day. So if you don’t achieve your goal by the end of the year, but you finish being that little bit better every single day then I’d still call it pretty successful.

Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t filled out this journal perfectly, and there are times when I haven’t looked at it for some time, but I can’t question it’s effectiveness in getting me focused and digging in to what really matters to me. That, is powerful stuff! That powerful that now we are parents and my focus has changed I will definitely be investing in their newer version called Dailygreatness Parents Journal.

So I would most definitely advise heading over, checking out their range and seeing which one you think may work best for you. The one I have reviewed today is their original, but they have designed some fantastic ones that are sure to be of help.

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