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Transcript Of Do You Do This?

Hello, and welcome back to another episode of the Pick Me Up Podcast.  I wanted to begin by sharing a story with you, as this is partly what inspired today’s episode. But it is also something that I know nearly every single one of us struggle with and experience as Mums.

So I was chatting with somebody I know the other day about her life as a now, menopausal woman, and my life now as a Mummy to two young children. If you follow me on Instagram, have read any of my blogs or have followed the podcast for a while, you will know that I am not shy about coming forwards with my struggles since I became a Mum. So I was simply sharing an element of that with her, and I said that I had found it tough, especially on my mental health, on my relationships, with others and with myself…

It was at that point she looked at me, and really calmly but strongly said “Emma, will you just take a look at what you’ve just done. Your child wasn’t even one when we went into lockdown, you then found out you were pregnant, had your whole pregnancy and gave birth in the lockdown. We have faced 2 years of uncertainty and anxiety, and you have had your whole world turned upside down from how you knew it before as you navigate becoming a Mum. You are amazing, and the fact that you are still going, constantly wanting to be more for your children, and then support other Mums just proves all of that.” Now, admittedly, this was hard for me to hear and really fully feel at the time. I am like that, I don’t really know how to take compliments, but also I don’t allow myself to not only recognise how well I am doing, but also to really FEEL the emotions that I should that go with all of that.

Funnily enough, this has actually happened to me quite a lot in one form or another over the recent months.

And why am I choosing to share this with you? Well because I know that you too, are a Mum, and it seems that built into that is this inability to recognise how well we are really doing. Instead, there’s this constant narrative of “I have not done enough, I am not good enough.” And what this ends up then doing is spilling into other areas of life, leaving you feeling like perhaps, “nothing is going right”, or, “I am unhappy with a lot right now” and so on. Am I right?

So, how does this link into feeling like you again then? Well, let me ask you: When you spend your time berating and questioning yourself, how do you feel? I would hazard guess that any of the words that you come up with are not positive ones. They can’t be.

Now presumably you feeling like yourself again has lots of positivity around it? So, how on earth do we expect ourselves to even get ourselves into the headspace to achieve this? Let alone do anything about it?

So, it is time for us to talk about the Law Of Attraction, because that will be a huge part of the answer to this. If you haven’t heard of the Law of attraction before, its essence, it the idea of what you think about you bring about. Now we are going to look at this in a simplistic way today, because that will mean you can go away and start making positive changes immediately.

Let’s begin then by me asking you, what you are focusing on? So look at your thoughts, the narrative that plays out in your head on a day to day basis, and your conversations with other people, and look at what your language is like. Is it focused on everything that you don’t have? On all negative aspects or situations, or is it upbeat, positive, friendly, kind?

When we look at everything that’s going on in the world right now, it’s really easy to allow ourselves to get caught up in a negative cycle when it comes to our thoughts and our language isn’t it, but often, the result of that is that it then ends up spiralling into other areas of our life.

So therefore, when we are looking at feeling like ourselves again, it can be really difficult to even allow ourselves to do that, because we are in that negative cycle. In order to feel like you again, you’ve got to get some energy going, you’ve got to get some positivity flying around, but if you’re surrounding yourself with negativity, that’s going to be really difficult for you and make your journey a whole lot harder.

How do we do that then?

Well, let me ask you, what are you exposing yourself to through your day? Be it on social media, if you watch news or tv programmes, who you are surrounding yourself with, anything you’re reading and how you’re talking to yourself?

Your first take-away is to really tune into this. Now we have a cr-az-y amount of thoughts each day, and we are super busy right? So let’s be realistic here. It’s going to be impossible to focus on it all day long, or to watch every single thought. But a really great tip is to set up certain times during the day when you can bring this to your awareness. The more often the better, so for example, mid morning, lunch, mid afternoon, dinner, bedtime. And simply ask yourself how you’ve been feeling, then look at what your exposures have been in that time, and what have your thoughts been. I am being very ideal about that amount of times each day, so listen, if you don’t do anything like this at the moment, even doing it once per day WILL have a MASSIVE impact on your awareness.  But, this awareness in itself is an absolute game changer. Simply categorise them into those that are a positive influence and are serving you well right now, and those that aren’t. You won’t even need to give this a lot of thought, because A. Your feelings will tell you this pretty well, and B. Your gut will know immediately, so trust it.

Ok, so you’ve spent some time looking at what you are currently doing, and maybe you’ve realise it’s definitely tipped more towards the negative end than the positive one. But what do you do about it? Well, this bit is actually quite simple: Minimise the negative exposures as much as possible and spend your time doing the things, and with the people that bring you joy and bring positivity into your life. If you do this, you will spend your time having more of the positive energy, that vibration will encourage more positivity, and it all overflows into other areas of your life. Then you can make focusing on feeling like you again a lot easier.

Once you’ve then looked at the things that aren’t serving you, it’s about making the changes so you then surround yourself with things that are good for you and your energy. This could be small changes like, just get the news headlines on your phone, and spend the time reading something inspirational instead of watching the news. Or, something as simple as listening to music that makes you feel good and lifts your energy instead of whatever the radio chooses to play when you’re in the car. You could even go one step further and switch it up for a podcast instead. Look at who you are spending your time with, can you minimise your time or interactions with those that really don’t lift you and make you feel good? Seek out the people instead who do this, and put your focus into making the time with these people a priority.

When you do all of those things, and have been for even a few days. Come back to your activity of watching your thoughts, listing your exposures and watch what a difference it has made. How do you now feel off the back of that too? I bet it will be so much better.

Then, when you are in that flow, head over and download my guide, or purchase my Ebook and watch how that positive flow really leaks out into other areas of your life, including, feeling like you again.

I am excited for you to give this a go, because I know how incredibly powerful it is. But don’t forget, connection is key: When we are making any type of change, or starting something new, staying connected with others on a similar journey can make a huge difference. So head over to my Instagram @personal.development.time and get in touch to let me know how you’ve got on.

Most of all, have fun with it.

Sending love, as always.

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