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Welcome to the third episode of season two of the Pick Me Up Podcasts. In today’s episode I am joined Lauren; An absolute powerhouse of a mum and woman. Lauren is a proud Mum of 2, and entrepreneur of… two! Over the last 3 years Lauren’s life has followed a baby-business-business-baby pattern, which has created a whirlwind lifestyle, of which in her words “she would not change a thing” From fashion, to wiping bottoms, to coaching other small business owners and wiping a few more bottoms, Lauren would certainly like to think of her life as well-rounded and equally balanced. She does say she would just like a little more sleep, but what Mum doesn’t hey! Lauren has very kindly agreed to join me on today’s episode to discuss the very sensitive but incredibly important topic of Postnatal Depression. Her vulnerability, honesty and openness around her own dealings with Postnatal Depression are certainly something that I know many of us Mums just need to hear. She not only shares her own experience, but also some invaluable pieces of advice for any mum experiencing it too. I hope this sensitive but open conversation provides the comfort and the hope that I intend it to provide for any Mum listening.

You can find Lauren on Instagram and Facebook, and check out her amazing clothing range suitable for all mums and mums-to-be here

The link Lauren mentions in today’s episode for the Counselling directory can also be found here

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