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So I am guessing the fact that you’re reading something titled “Find Your Spark” means that there’s a strong chance you are feeling a slight disconnect with who you were “pre-Mummy”, and are looking to find a way to get that spark back. Well, what I can promise you is that if you take even a snippet away from some of my tips, you can certainly start to find that sparkle again.

How can I be so confident? Well because I was also where you are finding yourself now. Despite having done some form of personal development for over half of my life, after having a baby 2 years ago I felt like I had very much lost my identity. I knew I wanted to enjoy this time of my life as a Mum, but I also felt it was incredibly important to get my spark back again as Emma. Of course, my journey will always continue to evolve and this will be something that I continue to work on, but in beginning to rediscover myself I was able to feel like I had a spring in my step again, enjoy the little moments more, feel more confident in myself, drop some of the mum-guilt that I was holding onto, and be more present with my babies.

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Let Me Help You To Find Your Spark

By combining my own experience, as well as my 14 years of coaching,  I have created a guide for you to follow to enable you to also begin to find your spark.  Wishing this you can access some practical tools and tips to begin this.



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