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Welcome to the first episode of season two of the Pick Me Up Podcasts. For today’s episode, I am joined by Life Coach Michelle (Emotional Resilience Coach), you can find her on Instagram and Youtube. Having come from an abused childhood Michelle suffered for many years with complex PTSD and feelings of not being enough. Healing and self growth to become the better versions of ourselves can be complex and challenging and Michelle’s passion is to continually learn new skills, thoughts and tools that can help herself and others to navigate the world and all that it throws at us. Michelle brings to the table her experience, knowledge and lessons in building resilience as we continue to pick ourselves up and evolve into the next best version of ourselves.

Today’s episode is all about that feeling of grieving your old life pre-children, something which I know many of us feel yet almost have this feeling that we can’t or shouldn’t talk about it. But I know from my own personal experience that there is a piece of you at times that wishes you could go back to those more care-free days where you could just have a lie in whenever you wanted, or wake up and do whatever you choose to that day whenever you want. And honestly, when I first felt like this I felt guilty, that I shouldn’t have these thoughts. So if you can relate to any of that then hopefully today’s episode will show you that all of those feelings are completely normal, and will also show you how to deal with them.

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