How to develop a Warrior mind

As we have mentioned before, the health that we experience within our bodies, often reflects the state of our minds. How we approach situations, tackle problems and the outlook we have, all depends on our mental health and our mindset. In order to know how to develop a Warrior mind we first need to understand what a Warrior mindset is and the mental qualities that a Warrior possesses.

Keith Sipmann from the Havok Journal describes a warrior mindset as the following:

“Warrior Mindset is more than aggressiveness and determination, it is about overcoming challenge and adversity. It’s about possessing, understanding, and being able to utilize a set of psychological and physical skills that allow someone to be effective, adaptive, and persistent. It also allows someone to use optimal decision-making, psychological techniques, physical and tactical skills learned in training and by experience.”

Mental qualities of a Warrior

  • Mental toughness
  • A state of calm and control
  • Discipline
  • An inner drive
  • Positivity, yet realism
  • Self-belief

Develop your inner warrior qualities

So all of those sound rather appealing and great but what we really want to know is how do we go about achieving those for ourselves:

  • Go one small step beyond what you mentally believe you can do. For example, if you believe you can do 15 press-ups, try 16.
  • Know your purpose – This is what will keep you focused.
  • Be willing to step outside your comfort zone, and on a daily basis if possible. These do not have to be huge steps but tiny little ones that make you feel even slightly uncomfortable. Add these up over time and it will make a huge difference to your success.
  • Find the blessing in disguise in every situation.
  • Develop a more positive outlook.
  • Accept the fact that you can’t control the circumstances, but, you can control your response to them.
  • Learn not to worry about the opinion of others.
  • There is no such thing as failure, only feedback. So don’t beat yourself up when things don’t quite work out, simply check out what went wrong and go again.
  • Be present.
  • Believe in yourself.
  • Fuel your brain daily

Why is a Warrior mind so important?

Ultimately, if you can develop a warrior mind it will transform your life, in all areas: Physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentallly. Some benefits include:          How to develop a Warrior mind

  • You will find that you will have a more positive outlook in life.
  • You will grow as a person.
  • You are much more likely to achieve your goals.
  • Your confidence will increase.

So we have reviewed what the mindset of a Warrior consists of, how you develop them and why it is important for your life. But now we need to do something with that. We find this next step is so important. So many of us read, either articles or books etc and expect a change to happen. But the change doesn’t come in the reading, the change comes in the action. So what are some key actions that you can take to develop your inner Warrior?

Develop an attitude of gratitude.

An attitude of gratitude means creating a daily habit of being thankful and showing appreciation for all aspects of your life, for everything that you have, or for happens in your life, no matter whether this is on a big or small scale. By feeling this (and that is the key… to feel) you will develop more contentment within your life and definitely have a positive outlook.

This attitude very much links to the Law of Attraction, which basically says that whatever you focus on in life, you will attract. And as Jack Canfield, the author of the Law of Attraction says “Understanding just how the Law of Attraction is a fundamental key to your success. If you want to change your life, and empower yourself to create an amazing future, then you need to understand your role in the Law of Attraction”

A great way to begin this is to develop your own gratitude journal. You can buy a specific gratitude journal, but a plain notebook will also do the job. Keep it by your bed, and before you go to sleep each evening list 5 things that you are grateful for that day. Remember, in order for this to work, you have to feel the gratitude. It is no good completing this activity as a tick box exercise.

Take back control

Do you find that your mind is here there and everywhere? Can you hear that inner chatter all day everyday? Well let us introduce you to Meditation. Meditation and mindfulness is much more popular these days, everybody is searching for that inner peace and calm as our lives have become more hectic and demanding and distractions surround us daily. But meditation is proven to have incredible benefits, so why wouldn’t we take it up. It is shown to:

  • Reduce Blood Pressure
  • Reduce the risk of Strokes
  • Reduce Cholesterol
  • Help with Stress
  • Help with Depression
  • Help with Anxiety
  • Improve well-being
  • Improve Happiness

These are just a sample of the huge benefits that you can find by completing daily meditation. So how do you go about doing it we hear you ask. Let us share with you the way that we have found effective over the years:

  • Firstly, you don’t need to sit cross-legged or be on the floor. Simply find a comfortable place (a hard backed chair is recommended), where you will not be distracted. If you want to stay awake we definitely recommend avoiding lying down, but find what works for you.
  • Ensure your straight backed, shoulders are relaxed and gently close your eyes.
  • Begin by noticing your breathing, don’t try to change it in any way, simply recognise it.
  • After you have spent a short amount of time focusing on your breathing, you may find that thoughts enter your mind and distract you away from your focus. This is absolutely fine, we are not trying to stop thinking (despite what many think), simply recognise the thought and then return to your breath. The key is to not get distracted by this thought by following it.
  • Then turn your attention to the air around your nostrils. Notice the feeling of the cool air entering upon your in breath, and the warm air leaving upon your out breath.
  • Spend some time with this focus, and again, if thoughts enter then simply recognise them and return to the breath.
  • Aim to spend 10-15 minutes here initially, and ideally do this on a daily basis.

Reading to the mind is what exercise is to the body.

Reading requires patience and determination. Your brain is active, and depending on the type of material that you are reading and exposing it to will depend on how it grows and the new connections and patterns that it makes. If you can read on a regular basis you are sure to be sharpening your mind, and improving your memory too. So where do you start? This doesn’t have to be difficult at all, but the important thing is to be reading the right material. Now we are not saying that you have to stop reading your fictional books if that is what you enjoy doing, we are simply saying that have their place. When you are reading for mental development, you are reading for a completely different reason. Here are some tips we have found useful over the years when reading for personal development:

  1. Choose a book or article that links to your goals.
  2. Choose to read this kind of book when you are alert and can fully take it all in. For us, reading first thing in the morning has worked really well in the past as we find this sets us up mentally for our day.
  3. See this type of reading as studying, so grab a highlighter (or a separate notepad if you are like Emma and like to keep books clean and tidy) and underline anything that stands out or you’d like to revisit.
  4. This has to be the most important step: Take Action! Don’t expect results to happen simply from having read the book, the important thing is what you do with that information.
  5. Share with others. Once you have read something and found it of some benefit be sure to share it. Not only will it help others become more and achieve more, but they also say that you are the sum average of the 5 people who you spend the most time with. Just imagine if those who you regularly spend your time with all have a similar mindset, how powerful would that be.

You are a warrior

Hopefully you can now see the benefits to your life of creating a Warrior mindset, and you now have the steps to take so if you have learnt anything from us today, all that’s left to say is:

Go and take action!

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