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So I don’t know about you but that inner chatter that I experience on a daily basis happens from the minute I am woken up (usually by my son), to the minute I go to bed. It can be exhausting and a real struggle to switch off from. The biggest challenge however, is what the language of that inner chatter is like: A lot of the time it is much more negative than it is positive, as I am sure many of you can relate to. This is where positive daily affirmations fit in perfectly.

It is so easy for us to be our biggest critics and to constantly be looking at what we could be doing better, or how/why we are not enough. But what about if we stopped that broken record and instead took the time to appreciate just how amazing we are doing and recognise the good qualities that we have inside of us.

Imagine the difference we would experience in our daily life! It is sure to have an affect isn’t it: Spending our time focusing on the good instead of the negative.

What Is An Affirmation?

Quite simple, daily affirmations are positive statements or phrases that are designed to challenge the negativity that we experience. It is all about re-programming the unconscious mind, with the idea being that that mind does not know the difference between tense, so if you say something in the present, past or future tense the mind simply perceives that to be true, therefore, by using an affirmation you are filling it with positive images/talk instead of negative ones.

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Why Use Them?

Check out the great video below that explains perfectly why we may want to use affirmations.

In Summary if we use daily affirmations we can expect to see/feel the following:

  • Reduced stress as we go about our daily life.
  • More empathy towards ourselves and a greater sense of self-worth.
  • A more kind and gentle way of talking to ourselves.
  • A sense of optimism to take us through our day.
  • Greater confidence in ourselves that we can do this.
  • A greater relationship with our children and others, because of a greater relationship with our self.

These benefits in themselves are so incredibly strong that it almost makes you wonder why you wouldn’t engage in daily affirmations doesn’t it! It is something that I have got out of the habit of since stepping outside of my business world and in to the world of motherhood, but now is absolutely the time I need them.

How To Use Them

The idea is that you use these affirmations on a daily basis, using them as a great dose of inspiration as well as a reminder as you go throughout your day.

There are many ways that are recommended for us to use affirmations, my suggestion would be to find an approach that works for you. As a minimum they need to be done daily but take a look at the below suggestions to see what you think would work best for you:

  • Some would argue that doing your affirmations in the morning is a great way to set up your day positively, whilst others would say doing them before bed helps to complete the day and focus your mind right before you sleep. I definitely think there is a lot to be said for both of these approaches and I think if you are able to, then doing them both upon waking and before bed will only provide huge benefit. If doing them twice isn’t an option, simply pick which fits in best with your lifestyle, and which you feel you get the most from.
  • Create reminders throughout the day of your affirmations. This is great to break the habit of the negative self talk we experience. You could either use flash cards, pop ups on your phone, or written reminders throughout the house that you see as you go about your day.
  • Write your affirmations down daily. The simple act of writing them down focuses your mind on them and can be a great way of reminding you of them too, as well as filling that unconscious mind with positivity.
  • Say your affirmations out loud. This is personally one of my favourites as I think when you say it out loud it has a much stronger effect than keeping it in and simply writing it down. But hey, that’s my experience. I would encourage you to play around with them and see what seems to be the most effective for you.

Your Affirmations

I have listed some affirmations below that you may feel will be of benefit for you to use. However, you may also feel that you would like to great your own, so firstly let me outline some basics that you need to put in place in order for your affirmations to be effective:

  • They need to be written in the present tense: “I am doing …”
  • They need to be written in first person: “I am…”
  • They need to use positive language so that you focus on what you want, not what you don’t want: “I can…”
  • They must be personal to you and feel right therefore striking an emotional response.

Positive daily affirmations for mums:

  • I am doing the very best I can, and that is good enough.
  • I am going through this journey of motherhood, and have everything I need available to me to do a great job.
  • I am giving my child/children everything that they need.
  • I am choosing to be nurturing for myself, and my child/children will see this and learn from it too.
  • I have everything I need to be a good mother within me.
  • I am allowing myself the room to grow as a mother.
  • I am letting go of how I think today should go, and embracing the imperfection.
  • I am accepting the uncertainty that a day in the life of a mother presents.
  • I am exactly what and who my child/children needs.
  • I am finding the joy in the little moments of today.
  • I am enough.
  • By allowing me time to work on myself, it is allowing me to give more to my child/children.

I would recommend that you either choose 2/3 of the above, or do 2/3 of your own.

Put Them To Good Use

Nobody can deny that motherhood is hard, it is certainly the hardest thing that I have ever had to do in my life. So let’s give ourselves the best chance that we can, and allow ourselves to grow, not only as mothers but as individuals too.

So let go of the need for perfection, embrace the uncertainty and give it a go! I promise you, you will not regret it!

Sending love to all of your wonderful mummies out there, you truly are amazing and you are doing a great job.

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