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Thanks for heading back over to part 2 of my journey to re-discovering myself, I’m guessing the fact that you are here means that you have already read part 1

Although I didn’t realise it at the time, everything in part 1 was just the very beginning of this journey for me. It was the point that I realised it would infact be a journey and not something that was achieved overnight, just because I had decided that now was the right time. It was also the point, (only by looking back at it now), that I am most proud of. Why? Because it was the part that took the most courage. Beginning something is always the hardest right? I was at the lowest I had ever been mentally (of which I still have not fully gone into, but I promise I will when I am fully ready) and I was definitely struggling to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

This was actually something that only my partner really fully knew about. Partly because I felt I wasn’t ready to share it with others, but mainly (let’s keep it honest) I felt I couldn’t because I was scared of being judged and of what others would think. So, if this is you, then please know that my inbox is always open with the biggest arms for that huge hug that you need, along with the most open loving heart. I can promise you that I will be that one person you need to turn too at a time when you need it the most.

So Why The Need For Part 2?

Well honestly, because I just knew that it would be way too long to pop all into one blog, but also, because I feel like my journey so far has been in 2 parts.

Part 1 was just about getting myself back to a place where I could see some light again and feel some hope. Quiet honestly, it’s not until I look back on it now that I actually allow myself to see just how far I have come in that time. I guess this part was like bringing myself back to more of a neutral in some way perhaps?

Therefore, part 2 is almost like the upwards journey of it. Now like with anything, it is not always straight forwards and progression isn’t completely linear, there are often many bumps in the road with the feelings that you have plateaued or maybe even taken a backward step. So really, I want to preface this next part with the fact that this has certainly been my experience, so whilst I am sharing the “good” parts that have helped me on my journey (as a way to be of support to others), I definitely have not always felt like I am making progress. I will also be sharing the other parts, of which many appear through my social media posts on Instagram or Facebook, so be sure to head over to see more of the everyday workings too.

How Did I Keep Going?

It’s a great question isn’t it, and something that I think many of us don’t consider enough when working towards something: What will I put in place for when the challenging times hit. We tend to think because we have decided to do something, we should just focus on the actions we need to take and get on with it. But it’s inevitable that there will be some bumps in the road along the way. So before I delve in to the details of part 2, let me share this bit with you.

  1. I have spoken about it many times in my blogs and my podcast, but I surrounded myself with people who I either felt I could turn to or who I felt were my cheerleaders. Funnily enough, had you of asked me before hand who it would be, I would not have given you the same names. And this is where a little connection with your soul and listening to your inner voice comes in. Now, have the people who I have turned to changed? Absolutely! (Minus 1 or 2 constants, who I absolutely could not be without – thank you to those people, I am sure, and hugely hope, that you know who you are.) So how did I choose who to turn to? Well, this changed depending on what I needed at the time, but sometimes it was who I felt would understand me the most with what I am going through, at other times it was who I could trust the most, and for other times it was simply who I felt most connected to.
  2. Know deep down within your heart that you’ve got this, and it WILL all work itself out. Just trust the journey. It’s really easy especially when the journey gets a little rocky to focus on all of the things that we are struggling with, and how hard it is. But by knowing in your gut and trusting that you will get through this, it can really help to keep putting one step infront of the other.

So What Is Part 2?

As I mentioned in part 1, that phase saw me take the initial steps, it was all about working through my limiting beliefs, allowing myself to dream again, to feel uplifted and positive and to see a brighter future.

Part 2 has been a little different, as that has included some of the smaller everyday work, which is essential for part 1 to come to fruition. Arguably more difficult at times, its easy to set the plans and to dream isn’t it, but it’s another thing doing the do so to speak.

The things that has included are:

  • Reconnecting with some of the things I enjoy such as gardening (I know, old before my time), listening to podcasts, spending time outdoors, exercising.
  • Acknowledging and appreciating that this will be an evolution over time, and therefore taking the pressure off myself to get it just right. This has been one that I feel has been an integral part, because when you take the pressure off to be perfect you allow your life to flow alot more and that’s when the magic happens. It’s easy to get in your own way if you don’t take this step, so be sure to include this one in your own plan.
  • Acknowledging (and celebrating) myself and my achievements throughout this time. We don’t tend to be great at this do we, but why on earth doesn’t we celebrate ourselves. Being a Mum is difficult, there I said it. But it is, and very often we just expect ourselves to get on with it. By taking this time and creating this awareness, it can spur us on to keep going, and it also acts as a great boost and mood lifter.
  • Finding ways to love and care for myself again. It is so incredibly easy to put ourselves at the bottom of the pile isn’t it. There’s so many others needing our attention be it the children, partners, friends, family members, or even pets. So when it comes to thinking about ourselves, we often don’t get a look in. One of my favourite sayings is that “you can’t pour from an empty cup”, so let’s stop trying to. If we feel great we can give so much more, let’s normalise taking time out as a Mum for ourselves, and let’s allow ourselves to enjoy it.

Will There Be A Part 3?

Abso-blooming-lutely! Do I know what that is it? Of course not, but already since beginning to write this I have continued to make further progress with my own journey (proof that it is always evolving), so I am already looking forward to sharing that with you when the time is right.

So What Now?

Well, I will of course keep documenting my journey in order to share it with you, my mission behind creating Personal Development Time is to help mums rediscover themselves and find their spark, but to also feel that the emotions that they experience around motherhood are completely normal and like they are not alone.

I am really looking forward to now creating this in a group environment, so provide that extra level of support and connection with the new and exciting Sparkle Sunday sessions: The perfect chance to put yourself first for an hour and join me for some much needed “me time”. We look at ways you can find your spark again, as well as discussing all the things we need to share and talk about, without the judgement or the guilt. My promise to you if that you will leave feeling like you sparkle.

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You can also download my free guide to Finding Your Spark here to begin your very own journey.

So until next time,

Sending you love, as always


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