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Welcome to the seventh episode of season two of the Pick Me Up Podcasts. In today’s episode I am joined by Clio Wood, founder of And Breathe Wellbeing, to have a very much-needed open conversation about reclaiming our sexuality and self love in Motherhood. Something I know many of us feel we need to address, but as with many other topics we’ve covered in this season, feel we don’t know where to start or indeed, how to even go about having that conversation. So as always, we will be doing that for you in this episode. We address the things that can impact our sexuality and self love, how we deal with the change in our identity of being a Mum, and the steps that we can take to reclaim these in our lives. We also cover how we can fit self love in when we it feels like we are already drowning in our to-do lists, and what difference it really can make to how we feel and how we show up in our lives.

Clio is a Women’s health advocate who shares her journey of and into Motherhood honestly so that others might not go through some of the difficulties she did. With her upfront, honest, and straight-talking approach she really does make the perfect person to discuss this topic with.

So Mums, grab yourself a cuppa, allow yourself some time off Mum-duty, and enjoy this truly wonderful episode.

You can find Clio on Instagram or see more about the incredible work she does here.

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