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Welcome to the ninth episode of season two of the Pick Me Up Podcasts. Today’s episode is all about the change in identity that we experience as Mum, something I know so many of us feel, but yet again, often feel we cannot easily share or talk about.

I am really looking forward to sharing this with you, as I am joined by clare Bowers today, who has to be one of the most uplifting women I have had the pleasure of speaking with. After working within the school settings for over 11 years Clare took the opportunity to transfer her skills, knowledge and support directly over into the community. She started pretty small by running support groups within her community, but before she knew it, the need for the support she was offering grew, and her groups weren’t enough to meet this need. It was at this point she needed to up-level and create a bigger platform. It took Clare over a year to create a platform designed for women within the community, to get the support they needed in life & business. Meeting so many incredible women inspired Clare to go back to study a further three years of Psychotheraputic counselling.
The support she is offering during Covid19 is directly through the community interest company Beautiful New Beginnings. Clare’s qualifications include;
* Psychotherapy student
* Counsellor
* Hypnotherapist (Ad,Dip,Psyc)
Psychotherapy and psychotherapeutic counselling are talking therapies. Hypnotherapy is a trance-like state in which you have heightened focus and concentration.
Clare not only helps us process and deal with the change in identity that we experience, but she also shares some incredible tips for our mindset and outlook that will make a huge difference to anyone listening.
You can find Clare on Instagram and the self referral Clare mentions in today’s episode is available on her website
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