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My Rating: 7.5/10

My Review:

I initially decided to join Peanut because we were soon-to-be parents who were an hour away from any of our support network of family and friends. After joining whilst pregnant I made some great connections and it was great to speak to other women in a similar position to myself. I didn’t meet up with anybody until my son was here. I spoke to many women but ended up only meeting up with a couple, who have now become great friends and have babies who are a similar age to mine. Now I am pregnant again, having not attended any ante-natal classes second time round, I am very conscious that I will not have the amazing mummies around me who are going through it all at the same time with their babies, so I have recently decided to reconnect with the community on there after a little time off.

I personally have found it incredibly useful to connect with other mummies, and feel extremely grateful to have met the amazing women that I have. I think the ability to be able to share any concerns, questions or support other mums who may have any is exactly what every new mum needs, no matter whether it is their first, second or fifth child.

I have also found it extremely easy to use, whether it be finding new connections or finding advice or discussions on topics of interest.

The things that I found the most difficult were how many connections you need to make to either get a good enough conversation going that you create a bond or potentially friendship with someone .

What you can expect:

The purpose behind the app is to give women the chance to connect with like-minded women. There are various things that you can use it for:


Meet: You can connect with women and meet those that are nearby

Chat: You can message other women and create group conversations or have individual ones.

Community: You can explore topics of interest or create your own posts within a community

Peanut have recently added a section that has a community for women who are trying to conceive. Peanut share on there website: “We believe that trying to conceive should be a supported journey – not kept in the shadows, but met with shared experience, compassion and community. We believe that the more we speak about our experiences, the less isolating they become.”


What I like:

There are various things that I like about this app and the main ones include:

– As I have already mentioned, this app is the perfect opportunity to connect with other women and develop a potential support network which is absolutely priceless for our mental health and ability to feel like we can deal with what comes our way.

– You have the ability to make some incredibly friends, potentially for life.

– It can help to make a challenging time a lot easier due to being able to speak to others, ask questions and share experiences.

– There is the option to connect with people in a group situation or on a 121 basis so there is something for everyone.

– You are able to share as much or as little as you like with people via your profile, and this is really easy to set up and edit where needed.

– Once you connect with somebody (which happens If you both swipe up on each other’s profile) you have the opportunity to message to connect. Peanut will suggest some ice breakers, which can help make that initial step so much easier to take.

– You can pick the topics that you would like to see as part of your feed so that you are only seeing those that are relevant to you.

What I don’t like:

– Whilst I haven’t experienced this myself, I know it has been the experience for some: When arranging a meet up sometimes the person/people it is arranged with don’t turn up. This can potentially be a knock to someone’s confidence if going in the first place was a huge step outside of their comfort zone and even discourage them from trying again.

– I felt at times that I had to be careful how much I looked at the community posts as many of them can be negative or create worries that are not needed.


Overall, I cannot see a negative from having this as an option to develop your support network further. The extent of which someone relies on this will ultimately depend on what that support network looks like around them, but as I have spoken about in many of my podcasts, I would highly recommend having people you can turn to for advice, to vent or to share experiences, and this app absolutely does that.

Therefore, I would definitely recommend creating an account and getting stuck in with the community in a way that feels right for you.


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