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Welcome to another episode of season 3 of the Pick Me Up Podcasts.

I am super excited to share today’s episode with you. If you are looking to increase your energy, feel good about yourself, improve your confidence, and see how you can absolutely put YOU at the top of the priority list too, without needing lots of time or adding extra pressure onto your life, then this episode is totally for you. As today I am joined by James Heybourn to discuss something we call “The Snowball Effect”.

James is an online coach who specialises in helping women to lose weight, change shape and hugely improve their confidence, all without giving up the food they love. I describe James as our very own Nick Marshall from What Women Want, so be sure to take a listen to find out exactly why. It may be something to do with the fact that he’s had 14 years experience as a Personal Trainer, and is also a Daddy to a beautiful little girl. But, I can also share that he is an avid red wine and chocolate lover too.

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