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Welcome to another episode of season 3 of the Pick Me Up Podcasts. Today’s episode is all about how you can drop some of that Mum guilt in order to be able to begin working on feeling like you again.

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Transcript Of This Will Remove Any Mum Guilt

Okay, so before I begin I should probably finish the title of this episode: “This will remove any Mum guilt” with… To working on feeling like you again. Because lets face it, that bad boy, Mum guilt, tends to join us on every bit of our motherhood journey right? And quite honestly, there are definitely things you can do to overcome that (hence the purpose of this episode), but I also think feeling an element of it is completely normal, because it just means you care, and want the best for your children. So it’s not entirely negative. It is just what we do with it, and how we allow it to affect us that matters.

So I want you to release your inner child in this episode: If you have been in this phase with your little one already then you will absolutely get what I mean, and probably not appreciate me reminding you of it, and if you haven’t yet been in this phase then…. You just wait! Im actually only joking, because I hate it when others say that phrase to me: “You Just wait”. It implies that everything is only going to get worse, which when you are talking to a Mum in the thick of motherhood, who is likely sleep deprived, and struggles to even remember her own name some days, that is not helpful people. But anyway, I digress.

So what is it that I am talking about? Well, it’s the “why?” phase. Now I know some of you are probably chuckling hearing that as it takes you back to that time, some of you may well be in it like me (send help!). Now no matter how annoying it may be for your child to say “why?” at absolutely everything you say, we know that it is extremely healthy and good for their development: It expands the intrigued side to them. So let me ask you, at what point do we drop that completely? Because it happens very little as adults doesn’t it. Just think about it, when was the last time you asked “why” when somebody said something to you? Probably some time ago right? Because it doesn’t seem to go down all that well with our boss at work, or when questioning our friends with something. But when it comes to you feeling like you again, I went you to well and truly let that side to you come out.

Why? Because the benefits will be ridiculous. 

So let me ask you something else: Are you feeling like you want to start to feel like you again but can’t actually get the momentum going to even begin? Or perhaps there’s too much Mum guilt flying around that even trying to do something like this is selfish? Maybe you have already got started but then got a little lost on the way and dropped the thought of even trying? Well connecting to your why can help overcome ALL of these.

Now i promised to keep these episode short and sweet so it is realistic for you to take a listen during your busy day, so we will look at a way you can begin to work on this today, but my Ebook 5 steps to feeling like you again really delves into this.

So how do you get going with releasing this side to you, dropping the guilt and getting well on your way to rediscovering yourself? 

Quite honestly, this one is simple (thank goodness right?). I want you to take your vision (so what feeling like you looks like in detail (the important bit), and if you haven’t yet done this then download my guide Finding your spark to begin, or again access it in more depth in my book. Once you have this clearly identified, I then want you to ask yourself “Why is this important to me?” or “Why do I want to achieve this?”.

Now when you have this answer, this then becomes your motivator, and along with your vision, i would get this put up where you can see it, hear it or read it every single day (in whatever form you’d like, so this could be a vision board, a written statement, a recording), but alongside that put your reason why. I would even go as far as saying to set a reminder at the beginning if you need to, not because you need reminding of your why, but because you need reminding to simply connect with it whilst in the chaos and craziness of day to day life.

The key then is to hold this “why” in your mind as you go through your day. And what you will naturally find is that this will then help you to create your boundaries, and will massively aid in your decision making. 

So how does this help you overcome the guilt then I hear you asking? Well, you haven’t yet gone through the activity yet (and don’t think that just briefly thinking about it while I’m talking acts as going through it, it deserves more focus than that). But I bet you that when you go through this properly, the answer that you will come back to will end up being because you want to be the best you can so that you can be the best Mum you can. How do I know? Because you are the kind of person that take the time to listen to this sort of podcast.

I cannot express the importance of this topic enough. And if you go about your journey to feeling like you again without connecting in to this, it will ultimately crumble. so think about your why as being the foundations to your house. Build it deep, and the rest of it will be so much stronger and withstand many more challenges that come your way.

Don’t forget that you can drop into my DM’s on my Instagram or on my Facebook at any time if you have any questions, challenges, or if you’d simply like to share how this is going for you.

So I’m sending love, as always

It has been great to connect with you

Thanks for stopping by, I hope that you found it useful. Please feel free to share any comments or questions you have below, and if you have any requests of topics you’d like to hear then I would love to know.

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